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    — Multimeios de Espinho

    The Centro Multimeios de Espinho was a project carried out between 1998 and 2000. It is a space intended to welcome and integrate different artistic, scientific and communication expressions, which new technologies and current communication media enable and support. 

    This building is a symbol of a tradition that connects Espinho to the sea and thus pays discrete homage to the past growth of a city which has always left many of its tears in this vast salty sea. It is a building that seeks to interpret the scale and dimension of today within a large, boat-like container. Its interior reveals a large sculptural space, a uniting void, organising and distributing a complex and ambitious programme. Here spaces intersect to provide a large scale cinema, a scientific and leisure planetarium, an exhibition gallery suitable for a variety of artistic expressions, a multi-purpose conference room as well as all the service spaces such as the administrative areas, the dressing rooms, the storage facilities, the cafeteria, the multimedia shop and the spaces for new information technologies.

    The copper that time will paint green will mark its various ages and expressions. We thought of the building as a friend who we would like to accompany and grow old with. 



    Câmara Municipal de Espinho

    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    Architecture Colaborations
    CNLL | Augusto Rachão, João Garrido, Maria João Venâncio, Paula Araújo


    Gross Building Area
    4.650,00 m2

    3D Simulations


    Luís Ferreira Alves | Jorge Santos | Nelson Garrido



    3D Model


    01. Entrance  hall  02. Box office  03. Foyer  04. Hall | Lobby  05. Public gallery  06. Planetary  07. Planetary entrance  08. Auditorium 09. Balcony entrance  10. WC 11. Municipal Gallery Of Fine Arts 12. Cloakroom 13. Changing room 14. Multimedia store 15. Gift Shop 16. Bookstore 17. Bar 18. Kitchen 19. Security Central 20. Dressing Room 21. Backstage 22. Artists entry 23. Ordinance 24. Warehouse 25. Transformer Substation 26. Generator 27. Technical duct 28. Reservoir 29. Air treatment unit 30. Control booth 31.Technic room 32. Screening room


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