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    — CNLL Consulting

    We provide advisory services on innovation for private and public stakeholders.

    By generating ideas suited to the client’s needs, we add value to projects, businesses, brands and products. Our aim is to pioneer change through creative ideas and to push forward the boundaries of the different areas we are involved in, in order to build a better future for the generations to come.

    The Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) department is where the magic happens, everyday – take a look below!

    — Areas of expertise

    — Research, Development and Innovation (RDI)

    The Research and Development Center (RDI) came from a growing need to respond to requests from public and private entities with which we have been developing different projects based on a research and innovation strategy.

    Founded in 2006, the RDI department was part of CNLL architects’ growth and consolidation strategy. This is a young and dynamic department, which emerged as the natural development of the Incentive Program for the Modernization of the Economy (PRIME) of the Development and Innovation Agency (ADI), supporting the creation of a Research and Technological Development Center (NITEC) within of CNLL.


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    — Mission

    Our Mission is to develop, through a research methodology based on rigor and creativity, new products, solutions and services, in a constant search for process improvement and market innovation.

    — Vision and values

    Our Vision is to consolidate national and international recognition as a quality brand in terms of relevance and innovation in the proposals developed through research in architecture, product engineering, new ways of designing and inhabiting space as well as ways of building aligned with a vision of respect for the environment and self-sustainability.

    The values ​​that guide our actions are the alignment with the scientific research methodology and objectives, the development of solutions aligned with respect for man and the environment and the search for novelty and creativity with a deep respect for our identity and supporting work in a multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary team, evolving and constantly updating.

    — Specific goals

    The research and development department has the following specific objectives:

    • Carry out scientific and technological market surveillance and disseminate information about it;
    • Identify contemporary needs and gaps in the mapping of international research;
    • Investigate the different solutions and new responses existing in the market, constantly updating knowledge about the state of the art, ongoing projects and about competition in general;
    • Develop diversified solutions that can offer our customers and partners the appropriate response to the situations identified.

    We always act with a spirit of cooperation and an attitude based on the will to…

    Investigate | Innovate| Invent | Experiment | Discover | Study | Integrate | Evolve

    … In order to create an effective added value in the production and development of new solutions and different approaches for:

    • increase our range of products and services;
    • differentiate our company from the rest;
    • reach new international markets;
    • support the construction industry;
    • ensure the company’s social and environmental responsibility.

    — Clients and Partners

    CNLL’s clients are several and diverse, from public to private entities, with and without profit, individual or collective persons … Because we do not offer typified solutions, we do not have a “type client”, whose specificity of need and request is the basis of the investigation. To this extent, our customers are also our partners because we develop their projects, products and services in a close collaborative relationship.

    From this variety, the research, development and innovation department has drawn many lessons and support, increasingly taking R&D work as a differentiating and qualifying factor for the company. Our RDI department is an R&D laboratory for companies that visit us and are now customers in the areas of design and creativity and in partnerships in the development of solutions and products. Thus, our contribution to the Industry has been notorious, with our customers and partners understanding the sense of innovation that we work in this department and which is strictly related to the potential for differentiation from the competition we offer to our customers and with anticipation needs, through the presentation of value proposals always renewed.

    — Methodology I&D

    The working methodology of this group involves not only the development of research work but also the elaboration of projects that apply the new construction technologies. It also aims to transmit knowledge to the entire company on the most pressing issues and challenges in the area of ​​construction and society. This methodology is developed in four stages: market surveillance, the generation of ideas, research and development and innovation.


    Market surveillance is motivated, guided and, subsequently, disseminated by each category manager and carried out by the entire CNLL team. In this way, the surveillance of the main areas of interest of the company is carried out, including here some of the critical factors of development of the company. The surveillance areas identified are: architecture and urbanism; territory; sustainability, international competitions and construction technologies; engineering and construction, technological trends and / or new construction materials; energy and planning, green facades, exterior structures, new living spaces and new energy solutions; health and lifestyles; digitization and media; furniture design, equipment design and space remodeling; foreign markets; management system, processes and procedures; legal framework and strategic management; communication and marketing; group brands and communication with the outside world.

    The promotion and management of ideas

    Market surveillance is the seed that triggers new ideas. These arise from knowledge and discussion: from knowledge about the environment, the state of the art and competition and constant discussion and in concerted moments about the knowledge acquired and the ideas proposed. In this process, all employees, customers and partners are invited to share their ideas. These are presented, discussed and serialized. The ideas that are more aligned with the company’s strategy and innovative will be developed in an RDI project.

    Research and development

    After identifying the projects to be developed, research and development work is carried out. It is through this that the area in which our idea is inserted is deepened, which niche is inserted in it, which flaws are identified in the study of the state of the art and which are intended to be filled.


    The work carried out on surveillance, idea generation and research and development should be translated into a product, organizational, marketing or process innovation project. This aims at creating direct or indirect capital gains; for the organization, for the environment or for our customers and / or partners, which can be material or immaterial.

    — Innovation Providing Services

    — Apoios