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    Creating moods to suit emotions


    We design a piece of furniture like we design a house, like we design a city, a place, with people and with history, with meanings and needs, with all the difficulties and facilities in the world, this world that we build every day, that is our day-to-day, that is the place of relationship.

    The Sensorial Architect

    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    From thoughts to feelings, CNLL®’s Architecture distinguishes itself by designing spaces that interact with people and most of all with their senses, creating moods to suit emotions.

    Therefore, our projects are unique and distinctive, never expressing repetitive formulas, because people, desires, places, and the objectives of each project and of each client are, as we are… unique and different.

      — CNLL Expertise

    We play a key role throughout the design and construction phases.

    Our designs are inspired by multiple sources and are built in different places around the globe. This particular vision and our huge experience allow us to understand that the focus of the project is not about style or shape but about someone, about people and their needs.

    Our clients always display a key role in terms of design development: our projects are fully customized, to suit not only the client’s desires, but also his emotions and feelings.

    Based on our firm philosophy, we continue to pursue architectural designs that can make a difference. As experts in diverse areas, we provide full architectural design services and consultancy services during the construction phase, allowing us to be involved in the projects from start to finish. Our design expertise involves the following categories:

    — Institutional Buildings
    — Houses
    — Multipurpose Centres & Leisure
    — Heritage Buildings
    — Schools & Education
    — Sports Centre
    — Housing
    — Health & Mental Care
    — Hospitality
    — Refurbishment
    — Commercial & Retail


    We always try to comply with sustainable and efficient design, so that we can provide to our clients healthy and happier lifestyles.

    We combine spaces with unique characteristics, both elegance and intimacy

    By designing a building’s interior we provide a sense of comfort and elegance that improves people’s lives with quality and joy. Understanding the latest resources of technology helps us produce practical and cost effective design and, at the same time, produce human-centred solutions that use scale, texture and forms to create spaces both functional and emotive, which evoke the perfect and most harmonious conditions to suit your emotions.
    Our promise is to deliver high quality and expressive interior solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

    We create spaces of fantasy.

    CNLL provides stage design services, for theatre, art performances or other events which require the best solutions and scenarios. With a wide range of completed projects, our experts explore the intersection between art and architecture, technology and materials, movement and speeches.

    We always find solutions to create the proper atmosphere and to make your show shine.


    We design with emotion for sensuality.

    With a diverse range of furniture produced, the CNLL’s design team often works as an integral part of the overall architectural project, but also developing products at a domestic or commercial scale. Our products are unique and carry author’s design signature, which guarantee the exclusivity and quality of each piece.

    We design the landscape with respect and love.


    With each project, we learn more about creating shapes and places, serving processes and people and minimizing energy use in providing comfortable and healthy environments.

    Considering the growing rhythm of the change happening in the world every day,  it is essential to ensure the connection between people and nature. The key for this issue is landscape design, a service that CNLL architects provides in several scales and forms, since private gardens to huge public spaces.

    We seek to upgrade our clients’ quality of life, as well as to maximize the benefits of humans relation with environment and the ecosystem.


    We develop projects with visionary strategy and expansion margin.


    Every place on Earth is in constant change – growing, degenerating, regenerating – with their own problems and challenges. Depending on what country you are, we are facing now very opposite problems, which goes from excessive growth of population, to the declining number of births or the aging of population. At the same time, urban planning design is a complex task and involves measures related with space, mobility, landscape, economy and, also, anthropology.

    Having all that in mind, CNLL’s experts on Urban Planning address all this special, social and environmental challenges in their projects and offer a wide variety of services, since design proposals to consulting, sharing our profound knowledge and experience.

    We create both technical and design solutions for building envelope.

    CNLL provides façade design & engineering services for buildings with different forms, heights and complexities. Our team of experts works on projects from their initial conception right through to completion, resulting in solutions that create comfortable, healthy, secure and safe environment.

    We provide cutting edge technology and advances methodologies.

    At CNLL architects, we systematically explore the growing capacities of computerized technologies, of drawing techniques, of communication approaches and testing solutions. For each project, hundreds of virtual simulations and analysis are made at our office, testing proposals and results. This technological approach is softly merged with the design thinking strategies and with hand drawing studies, which represents a singular modus operandi from our studio.
    We were pioneers at the implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Portugal, over a decade ago. Since then, we shared our knowledge by lecturing several courses and seminars and we developed hundreds of projects within this methodology, leveraging our results and projects quality.

    We find ways to make your brand grow.

    Carrying out a diverse work range, the Brand Design team frequently functions as an integral part of the overall studio, designing not only specific graphic elements for buildings, but also developing independent works, both commercial and domestic, in collaboration with industry or private partners. CNLL architects offers design and communication services, with a market policy that values the interests of the client and seeks to leverage businesses’ and brands’ profits and success.

    We launch ourselves in the promotion and management of global and structured communication projects. CNLL’s mission is to provide knowledge, management skills and technical support in all phases of Branding projects, from the project’s conception to its graphic production, through the technical assistance in its management. We offer a wide range of services in order to create added value in the positioning of our customers:

    — identity
    — interior
    — multimedia
    — editorial
    — design thinking
    — graphic design
    — wayfinding

    We believe that a sustainable future starts today.

    CNLL architects presents itself as a company that projects and builds for the future as an “environmentally conscious” agent, whether through directly related actions (buildings, materials, energy and urban environment), or as a subscriber of the United Nation’s sustainable development goals.
    Sustainability is at the root of everything we undertake. To build sustainably implies designing holistically and with an integral vision. That is why we develop strategies to analyse the project from scratch which provides design guidance based on the values of innovation and environmental responsibility.
    All decisions about materials, products and elements related to our projects have not only their aesthetic qualities and coherence within the project as a primary basis for their selection, which we value greatly, but also the aspects of sustainability: economic effectiveness, social awareness and respect for the environment.

    We want to share our knowledge and experience with you.

    As a multidisciplinary team, we combine knowledge from different areas, from architecture, to engineering, BIM, urban planning and design. We provide all of that combined knowledge as an advisory service.
    We work both in the private and public sector, offering consulting and strategic investment advice, including architectural and engineering analysis, construction guidance, market and cost consultancy and technical and technological support.
    Our main goal is to support investment decisions and leverage customers’ and partners’ projects and ideas.

    We are dreamers, we never quit.

    In the genesis of our DNA is the permanent curiosity and the eager for discovering and understanding new information so that we can use it in an innovative way.
    Since CNLL maintains a commitment to research, our R&D department develops and implements a vast variety of projects and provides support for several discoveries since early stages. We
    constantly pursuit new ways to improve materials, methods, systems and technology appliances, and are responsible for distinguished projects in the domain of Innovation and Development.

    From thinking to building

    From sketch to building site, our perserverance in understanding the needs, requirements and contextualization of the client has been a constant, always understanding the client as an active and participating element, whether in the elaboration, or accompaniment of the entire project, whatever it is.

    Design to surprise

    The project begins with a meeting – the reading of the play: on one side the director, on the other the actors; the master and the carpenter forward. Images, relationships, ideas keep coming from the words – the frameworks – the characters’ psychology, the action locations, the fallacies of the text, the author’s philosophical attitude, the framing of the space by the written word. 

    Full attention to details

    I always think of the furniture that I design as a living being, a link in a chain, an element that the world needs to be balanced and strengthened.

    Multidisciplinary practice

    — Team work maximizes available experience

    The intervention of the multidisciplinary team that composes CNLL® may assume diverse forms and solutions. Both the accumulated experience in this field, through hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes, type, scales and complexities, and the full attention which we have dedicated to quality and flexibility in devising solutions, explain the wide range of our offered services.

    —Building a better world

    since 1989