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    — Pas de Cinq +1

    It’s a play that resembles the installation, rehearsal or scenic experience. So it is something experimental where Kagel’s music is rehearsed. Kagel, an Argentinian composer somehow dramatic, sometimes surprising or even magical and therefore,  not unrelated to Luis de Matos’ participation in this project, which confers a sensorial fantasy  to the acoustic and visual show, where elements of the percussion group Drumming, directed by Miguel Bernat, and scenically directed by Nuno Cardoso, have created a show that clearly makes the difference.  Set design seeks to integrate, from this cast and this process, opposing expressions as an architect does when designing a project.

    Teatro Nacional de São João



    “The Idea”

    In a partnership with Teresa Grácio in this work of permanent reconfiguration and reconstruction of scenes, spaces and identities for different conceptions and shows, in Pas de cinq +1 we try to work out the boundary definitions through geometric abstraction … signs that were drawn on stage and that defined territories. From the almost anthropological expression, the scenic object, curved and endless, closed the room down and established a desired and also necessary continuity: it created an arena at the São João National Theatre and proposed a design exercise, accuracy and continuity, where the different times of the room, the audience, the musicians and the scene, were all in tune … without different expressions and languages … unequivocally, a prolific drawing , almost mathematical, but engaging; an object that leads us to the stage and joins us such as the music that acts and also builds space.

    Título Title: Pas de Cinq +1 Músicas Music: Mauricio Kagel (+ Uma)

    Direção musical Musical direction: Miguel Bernat. Direção cénica Staging  direction:  Nuno Cardoso. Cenografia Stage Design: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Apoio à cenografia Stage Design support: Teresa Grácio. Desenho de luz Lighting design: Jorge Costa.

    Interpretação Interpretation: Drumming – Grupo de Percussão. Participação especial Special appearance: Luís de Matos. Direção de cena Stage direction:  Pedro Guimarães. Assistentes Assistants: Paulo Brandão, Cátia Esteves, Ricardo Silva. Operação de luz Lightning operation: Abílio Vinhas, João Nuno.Operação de som Sound operation: José Fernando Almeida, Hugo Sampaio. Maquinistas Machinists: Carlos Biana, António Quaresma, Filipe Silva, Joaquim Marques, Jorge Silva, Lídio Pontes, Paulo Ferreira. Adereços Props: Elisabete Leão (Coordenação Coordination), Guilherme Monteiro, Dora Pereira (Cenografia Stage Design), Isabel Pereira e Teresa Batista (Guarda-Roupa Wardrobe), Auxiliares de camarins Dressing rooms dressers:  Fátima Roriz, Virgínia Pereira.

    Produção Production: Teatro Nacional S. João, 1999

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