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    — Mistérios

    Mistérios was the title of a Luis de Matos’s series of programmes   with the idea of the interaction with the guests and the development of  themes or concepts that the audience chose to appear on these programmes. The idea of a large file, a privy and a magical table was just the programmatic basis for the design of space that would create scenery. The demand for innovation, differentiation and creation of new shows made the producers use the white colour as a distinguishing sign of the programme as opposed to the usual process of association of magic with a dark space. The white light on the white space was the motto and the sign that magic is a place where we want to live.

    Everything is white, only the lights lend a colour signal … without spoiling the magic that space, empty and nakedness, provokes in us.

    RTP1 – Rádio Televisão Portuguesa
    Estúdio 33



    Título Title:  Luís de Matos Mistérios. Produção Produção: Luís de Matos Produções. 

    Realização Direction: Daniel Strombeck. Cenografia Stage Design: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Música Music: Pedro Vanenfurgo. Data e local Date and place:  Ansião, Coimbra, 2008

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