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    — Luís de Matos 3D

    Made specifically for television and now a studio in Ansião, the programme Luis de Matos 3D  was the first successful experience of creating a 3D show for television.

    There have been made a series of experiences in other countries and many without much success. For this reason, and soon after the definition of the order, we began collecting and researching in order to create the 3D television phenomenon.

    RTP1 – Rádio Televisão Portuguesa
    Estúdio 33





    The work on the depth, perspective, repetition, the exception, the foreground and the eternal problem of the perception of figure and background, enabled the development of scenic solutions that not only allowed to create the 3D illusion, but also made the most of the creation of the new illusions that Luis de Matos developed by updating the magic and fantastic language and adapting it to new challenges, leading him to be one of the most inventive and award-winning magicians, internationally recognised.

    The idea of creating “home” spaces , although recurrent, was something new and different –  the picture gallery, the dining room, the lobby or foyer, the library, the bar … re-creating different spaces and scales to the performance of different shows that Luis wanted to create in this 3D space.

    Título Title:  Luís de Matos 3D Produção Production: Luís de Matos Produções 

    Realização Direction: Carlos Sá de Pereira. Cenografia Stage design: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Separadores do programa Program tabs: Daniel Strombeck. Data e Local Date and Venue:  Ansião, Coimbra, 2006

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