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    — Casa Espinho

    The lot was small, with the front facing south and not much depth. The area seemed small for the intended programme. All houses are surprises, all projects are uncertainties that are constructed. In the end, they are questions we would like to clarify.
    There is no project without a client, without a site or without a programme. Here the trilogy was well known, which sometimes is of little help. The clients were friends, old friends, who we knew well. The site was a street in my own town and the programme, a relationship of spaces and uses that I knew. There was only one request, something simple, a space with movement, for life, for family, to house the ideal happiness.
    It was a matter of designing a house for Fátima, Zé Carlos, Leonor, André and for all of us, friends who love to share with them the everyday life, our friendship, the ordinary days.
    It seemed there was no secret or mystery, just an idea of celebration, a space for an ideal of life, more than a house, a place to permanently transform, a space of freedom, open to use, the experience, to Being!
    Thus, we sought to design: a home of life, a sweet address, the portrait of its inhabitants.



    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes


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