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    — NKPAC Taiwan

    It is an unusual structure: something in the middle of a new urban park and  enormous broadsides with a world of imaginative objects.

    Between land-art and architectural design, we propose a sensual space, new spatial experiences for the emotional fields. This crystal landmark associates crystal clear sound as the motive for the design and as the structural and image base for the creation of the form. The mother earth is the theme, the essential base of creation. The rupture, the birth of a form that comes from within, as it happens with music.

    The strategy of the Crystal Park is an idea of uncovering the land with buildings and volumes. We want to fuse construction and nature into one mass! In a way, it will give men the desire to return back to the earth, and essence within nature’s geometry. The pure geometry of nature coincides with a firm structural base for architecture and construction.

    The structure is based on fractals and “simple mathematical systems” studied by the CNLL team and the Mathematical Research Group of Oporto University, and is derived from the molecular structure of crystal quartz. The crystal quartz can vibrate and oscilate of a regular form and have an internal molecular structure in spiral. The quartz goblets have only sonorous properties, they produce a sinusoidal wave of pure sound that expands up to one kilometre of distance and that it can take some minutes to extinguish itself.



    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

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