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    Our philosophy

    — (taking care of) our clients, our friends

    “Conhecido o arquitecto e visitado o edifício torna-se difícil imaginar um outro exemplo de tão grande sintonia entre a obra e o seu criador: ambos são multifuncionais, provocadores, elementos de ruptura, catalizadores de emoções, factores de movimento.”

    Luis Costa

    Dialogue, Understanding the world

    Paying attention to the creation of Value and to the optimization of all available resources, CNLL® fights for the timely execution within estimated deadlines, for the choice of quality materials and for respecting the environment. We defend a rigorous abiding of safety norms during the entire process of execution, the well-being of the workers, and respect for the current and contemporary forms of being and inhabiting this world.

    As principal reasons for our success and ability to compete, are the capacities to listen to and assimilate the difference of objectives of our clients, which must be carrier into reality. Economical objectives, of representation effectiveness, speed of execution, exception, innovation, profitability, modularity, ecology, energy efficiency, among others, have been systematically met throughout our years of activity, with remarkable merit, taking into account that neither the type of program required, nor the dimension of the projects have been able to overwhelm our ability to deliver with great professionalism, quality, amplitude of solutions offered, and thoroughness in execution of the services we provide.

    It is in these participative process that the important conceptual diversity of solutions that CNLL® has developed originates, growing from one project, client and place to another.

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