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    — Ilusões com Luís de Matos

    The magical world of Luis de Matos is full of joy and imagination. A world of work and perfection, based on a comprehensive, and yet, efficient team. All figures are challenges, even when there’s simplicity and lightness hidden. Infinite threads of mysteries and fantasy require a permanent alert. The scenery seems not to interfere, it is always what you wish, in order to the magic to unfold.

    The pleasure of discovery, the satisfaction of surprise, the tension of vertigo and the cadence of the show are not compatible with hesitations, doubts or uncertainties. The scenario is pure fantasy and illusion is our better reality. “What would the world be without illusion?”

    RTP1-Rádio Televisão Portuguesa





    “(…) This is a universe of mysteries
    where nothing is impossible: the limit will
    only be our own imagination.

    Multidisciplinary art like no other,
    uses magic, without the public noticing,
    the knowledge of mathematics, physics,
    chemistry, thermodynamics, etc..

    The trick is, simply, a resource that we should
    accustomed ourselves to see as one of the ingredients of an
    amusing and complex art

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