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    — O Grande Teatro do Mundo

    ““O Grande Teatro do Mundo” is the culmination of the baroque dramatic poetry. The uniqueness of this work is due to the fact of embodying, better than any other, the aesthetics and poetics of the Baroque; the scenic quality of the archetype piece is representative of the purest and most refined concept of Baroque art in all its fullness and greatness.

    The seventeenth century theatrical overflow “should lead to the conscience of all, the feeling that life is itself a representation, that the world is a theatre” (Orozco), and Calderon the architect of this scenic theatrical era: the most symbolic playwright  of the Baroque .

    Teatro Nacional de São João




    “Beautiful architectural composition
    on the ground,
    that, between shadow and smoky
    bluish reflections steals the stars,
    when, with beautiful flowers,
    harmony disputes the stars
    with radiance
    human skies of fleeting flowers.

    Space of elements
    with hills, rays, pelagos and winds;
    winds, where bass
    strikes you under a lot of birds;
    with pelagos and seas where, sometimes,
    fish squads fly in you;
    with lightning that blinds me
    the fire  alights  you with ease;
    with hills where,  as if being complete owners
    men and beasts walk in you;
    in continuous war
    monster of fire and air, water and land.

    You who are always different,
    are the happy factory  of this universe,
    the first prodigy without second,
    and to define you in a word, the World
    you are born like the Phoenix and, in its fame,
    spring from your own ashes … “

    Título Title: O Grande Teatro do Mundo. Autor Author:  Calderon de la Barca.

    Tradução Translation: José Bento. Encenação Staging: Nuno Carinhas. Cenografia Stage design: Nuno Lacerda Lopes. Figurinos Costumes Design: Vin Burnham. Desenho de luz Lighting Design: Paulo Graça. Sonoplastia Sound Design: Francisco Leal. Realização Production: Rui Simões. 

    Elenco Cast: Alberto Magassela, Carlos Rêgo e Sousa, Emília Silvestre, João Reis, Jorge Vasques, Lígia Roque, Marcantonio Del Carlo, Mário Costa, Micaela Cardoso, Paulo Castro, José Neves (voz voice).

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