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    — HOUSES – From construction to dwelling

    The book brings together a set of unique works of single-family housing designed by Nuno Lacerda Lopes. It proposes a reflection on contemporary housing, the different needs and demands that the theme of housing places on the architect attentive to change, people, places, materials and constraints. It is through works of diversified dimensions and expressions that we can understand the intense process of relationship and emotion that exists when designing and building a house.



    “Drawing houses is a slow exercise, an adventure, an increasingly difficult and different process. Today, as in the past, it seems that no two people are alike and, to that extent, no two houses seem to be alike.

    The diversity, the differentiation, seems to be a given for the project of a single-family house, or not? Today more than ever the question of individualism, uniqueness and singular identity is present in society, almost characterizing it. Consequently, it is present in Architecture!

    Making a house is an emotion, a permanent questioning about countless ideas and definitions that we sometimes thought we had already solved and taken for granted. But a house, a house for a family, for a person, a land, a place… puts everything into question.

    Making a home is an act of life, an experience, sometimes irreducible”.