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    “The book that is presented here brings together a series of texts published in different contexts, on different occasions and for different audiences and, perhaps for this reason, with different registers and approaches. However, more than the search for a line of convergence that is always reductive and inconsistent with the diversity and the cataclysm of requests that current events bombard us, it is important above all to give substance to that diversity that the idea of building to inhabit offers us.

    Now, more than ever, the effort of organization has resided in the search to gather some ideas around the problem of construction in Architecture, its different expressions in many works, in many authors and in many processes of understanding what architecture and construction itself are in contemporaneity.

    The paradigm of construction and design for construction has changed significantly in recent years. Due to the speed of processing that today imposes on us, there seems to be no doubt about the need to talk about years and not decades – as we would once have talked about – as the time necessary for the sudden changes in concepts, processes, tastes, needs, demands, ways of doing, designing or building the spaces for our existence. Even values, principles and collective consciences now seem, more than ever, to be volatile matter and, therefore, an unstable territory where architecture has difficulties in establishing itself and growing.

    Construction is still today an essential basis for the project and presents itself as the territory where architecture takes place, thus perhaps still the field where it is truly best understood. Knowing how to build necessarily involves knowing how to experiment, accepting the experience as a process of permanent learning. An experience that is also intended to be collective, capable of informing the project and the process of carrying it out. Method and reason to understand and create the emotion that true architecture offers today and always… ad eternum.

    To think about this process of experience is now to think digitally and to use the new methods and tools available for the search of a more effective, assertive, sustainable and, therefore, more intelligent construction. And in this growing process of experimentation and permanent evaluation there are new skills and demands for the new Architect to whom these texts somehow intend to touch, stimulate and, if possible, worry”.