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    “The selection and organization of a set of texts written on different occasions, with different purposes and in different contexts; some edited or reinterpreted over several years, dealing with different themes, considered at some important time, may demonstrate, more than an expected discursive unity, a dangerous idea of divergence which, more than hiding, we seek here to explore.

    Therefore, it is not a simple compilation, or a meeting of different approaches on a theme, nor are they a mirror of a unique and immutable way of seeing. And although they are not organised in chronological order, there has also been no temptation to arrange them by theme or subject, but rather the different times have been considered as indicators and conditioners of action.

    “Incomplete works” is, in essence, the metaphor of the complex process of thought, of creation, of the project followed by construction and then, later, in the occupation, appropriation and transformation of the work that the architect carries out when he exercises his professional activity, transforming a desire, a commission, a will, into a work, building or place to live in.


    More than a closed discourse on a specific theme of design, architecture or construction, what this set of texts explores is an ideal of confrontation, doubt and constant conflict between the different times of architecture, its paths and the principles that build it and experience it, its impossibilities and also the small achievements that are sometimes achieved”.