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    “This book is part of a vision, of an introspetive collection of what we consider to be a collective witness of the moments and journeys around our work.

    An approach to this gaze requires a pause, without beginning or end…

    It’ s not a book of architecture… by moving away from disciplinary confrontations, by not demonstrating concepts, or following the path of pedagogy. Nor does it focus on working methods, nor on the debates generated, so it is not a book on architecture. It has only to do with people and ideas, those we have experienced over time.

    Time is not linear and therefore some feeling seems to lead us to highlight certain points, which placed in sequence allow different readings, and it is these that unexpectedly go back and forth in thought.

    However, it is not only a collection of images that replace memories, because experiences, emotions, battles, conquests and defeats, weaknesses and tiredness do not imprint themselves, nor are they likely to register – they are only fixed on knowledge, on a collective learning, which manifests itself in us.

    Therefore, this book has neither beginning nor end… it reveals an ideal of sharing and a desire to consolidate a way of seeing and understanding”.

    Nuno Lacerda Lopes