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    — PENAS

    A luxury publication that gathers sketches of architect Nuno Lacerda Lopes printed on high quality paper Tintoretto Neve 350grs (FINE PAPER). With a limited edition and given its exclusivity, it is a rare book from the “Engravings Collection”


    At night

    “There are speeches that are brief

    So brief that they don’t have a single word

    Full and deep speeches

    Like the sea that silences us.

    Brief are also the bodies,

    Constrained by desires and hazards,

    Where Beauty rests,

    As the soul of my world

    Beneath the earth, you look like a perfect temple

    There are so many gods in your steps

    In your simplicity,

    I hear you sing.

    I admire your virtuosity

    That you unwittingly offer me.

    In the tree where you land,

    In the skies where you fly I follow you

    And I take you as mine!

    I like to entrust you with all my traits,

    and today, that’s all I’m searching for in you.

    Today my soul became a bird

    And it flew for me!”

    Nuno Lacerda Lopes