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    — Carcavelos Housing Complex

    The LOOP Housing Complex is a project whose spaces are transformed into a concept, a new way of being and living, where the city is connected to the landscape, the house joins the vineyards, the residents to the visitors, where the interior expands to the outside, considering that the living is not only restricted to the private space of the house but also extends to collective life.

    Regardless of the needs of occupation of this “LOOP” of housing and of the inner courtyard, which will be further specified, the intervention is understood as a whole, where the public and leisure space is the protagonist that, in spite of this, does not cease to be in agreement with the other parts. The galleries, besides being elements of circulation and access to the dwellings, running through the building and connecting all levels, are presented as one of the keys to the intervention, complementing the circulation and access spaces with places of passage, gardens and paths with visual amplitude and spatial attractiveness to create spaces for the conviviality of the residents.



    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    Landscape Architecture
    Maria João Próspero



    Elevations and Sections


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