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    — Himalayas Park

    The solution for the “Parque Urbano do Paço de Giela” that we propose, comprises the autonomous but articulated development of 4 different structuring axes:

    1 – Valorisation and integration of the Palace and adjacent buildings in the Urban Park, through the design of road and pedestrian routes and the recovery of the design of landscape arrangements and tree species that, guarantee its connection with the whole Urban Park, restoring to it the singularity and nobility once lost. Through the definition of a series of routes (paths), where the valorisation of the water theme becomes evident.

    2 – Environmental Knowledge and Interpretation, called “Himalaya Park”. This park will allow, on the one hand, to make known the important work of the visionary countryman Father Himalaya, (man of science, pioneer of ecology in Portugal) and, on the other hand, to develop and promote the taste and respect for the environment in its most diverse forms. 

    3 – Cultural and leisure events in the open air, will integrate the “Praça do Sol” and the ” Anfiteatro do Vento”. In this project area, activities in the areas of music, theatre, dance, the new circus and others can be developed. 

    4 – Tourism and leisure, integrating the “Hotel da Giela” and the “Espaço do Garrano”, where through this lodging unit and its location it will be possible to take the best advantage of the landscape, as well as to offer a series of leisure services such as spa, swimming pool, tennis court and restaurant where it will be possible to show the best of the region’s gastronomy. On the other hand, to make known to the visitors the theme of the Garrano horse and allow the contact with the species.

    Arcos de Valdevez


    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    3D Simulations



    Praça do Sol

    Praça do Sol

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