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    Our philosophy

    — Architecture for the senses

    “Nuno Lacerda is internationally known as “Architect of the Senses” and, in fact, tries to awaken all the senses in his creations. His work is present in areas as different as scenography or furniture and interior design”

    Dora Medeiro

    From raw materials to the senses

    From our perspective, projecting is an exercise in participation, citizenship, communion and understanding of the desires and values which people and organizations pretend to promote through edification.

    The recognition attained throughout 20 years of intense activity, with countless awards earned, and multitude of articles in praise, is tangible proof of the character of distinction and differentiation that our projects offer in the current panorama of architecture, design and innovation.

    CNLL® does not search for canons, currents or models to follow; it seeks to satisfy authentic needs for authentic clients. Therefore our projects explore new concepts for the production of buildings that are capable of articulating fluid and comprehensible architectural spaces, creating sensations and causing surprise, in an ideal of invitation to pleasure, strong appeal to the senses, cult of location and invdividual space that architecture, as an experience for life, must offer.

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