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    — Oceanus Park, an happy place

    First place in the Oceanus Park invitation contest.

    The aim of the intervention is to create a space, seen and designed as a whole with different uses, that creates a strong dynamic and at the same time welcomes a range of services capable of attracting new visitors to the site, making the project and the investment more consistent and sustainable. Thus, the project refers to the creation of the Oceanus Park, which includes the expansion of the Oceanus College, with boarding school and senior residence, sports complex, single-family houses, biological park, urban park with restaurant and public parking. The project is launched with the motto of integration and exploitation of the natural landscape, the solution is integrated in the park.

    “Perception and respect for the environment will help to find the balance in the cosmos that embraces us, so that we learn to be happy”.

    The programme is divided quite clearly: At the upper level, the residence and houses have access to Rio do Paço Street from a new road; the school, implanted in the place where the topography is more stable, with a biological park and vegetable gardens under the stream; the sports complex at the lower level, which serves as a “kneecap” between Rio do Paço Street and the school; and, finally, the urban park, for community use, where walkways, belvedere and rest areas are proposed, as well as a restaurant.

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