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    — New book arrival on the new aways to build and project

    New issues in construction education

    This book presents the report, programme, contents and methods of theoretical and practical teaching of Construction Curriculum Unit 2 of the Integrated Master Course in Architecture, presented for access to the academic title of aggregate in the field of knowledge of Architecture by the University of Porto. It’s not a full version, as all the collection, research and comparison works sent to annex are absent and this publication does not include by merely editorial criteria, as well as it takes the detailed summary of the lesson and the other documents required for the exam, focusing only on the items addressed to the teaching/learning issues of a Curriculum Unit in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto.

    The research that is published in this text, rather than trying to achieve an exclusive vision about the construction of a Curriculum Unit in a duly consolidated Integrated Master of Architecture as is the FAUP, intends to explore some scientific issues on the subject, address other pedagogical perspectives and discuss the complex relationships between practice and teaching of Architecture. In a world in permanent and rapid mutation, where the problems of Construction, Project and its Teaching/Learning are more and more interdisciplinary, the demand for new and competitive abilities to the new architect to understand, act and build in the complex world where we live is evident.

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