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    Concept desk

    — Neglegunt concept desk

    Wildfire burned wood

    1,40 x 1,10 x 0,86m

    Collection catalog

    — Design to discomfort

    The Pyros Collection is a project created to alert authorities to the importance of fire prevention. A set of “anti-design” pieces of furniture created from burnt wood.

    In this sense, the environmental defence and conservation organisation will offer one of the pieces in the collection to João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Minister for the Environment and Climate Action. The aim is “to remind the authorities of the fires of 2019 and to encourage the government to create prevention measures, which will prevent major tragedies in the future, such as the 2017 fire in Pedrógão Grande, which killed 66 people”.

    These pieces were created at the invitation of the FCB Lisbon, for the ANP/WWF, under the motto “The solution is in our hands”, the initiative is launched on the same day that the organisation released the Iberian Fire Report, which stresses that this involves “investing in prevention on a global scale: fighting climate change, managing the territory, promoting profitable and less flammable landscapes, reducing accidents and halting deforestation in the tropics”.

    The complete catalogue can be viewed on the platform www.natureza-portugal.org.

    — About Pyros Collection

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