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    — NUNO LACERDA LOPES Collection

    “CNLL furniture is imbued with the most absurd theatricality, it is completely silly and yet useful, it is absolutely beautiful and therefore indispensable! They are entirely Cárlicos Nunásticos Lacérdicos e Lópzicos!”

    Ricardo Pais, Stage Director



    “The Thought and the Design”

    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    “It is always difficult to talk about us when we look at a journey that we have been doing quickly and sentimentally. I say we went with the collective sense of who promotes the meeting and the debate of ideas that are always behind who builds or draws.

    It seems to me fundamental this double issue when analysing the work I have been developing in the area of drawing, which is the discipline that tells me the most and with which I have the greatest and deepest connection.

    As a basis of work for the creation and development of a drawing piece, whatever it may be, I always start with a sense of use and experience, of touch and use, and in this sense I perceive the references that are made to my work as carnal expressions of a way of life that I intend to fill, full of diverse experiences and participation. (…)”

    Nuno Lacerda Lopes