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    Research & Innovation

    — Digitalization & Construction

    We help our clients create positive transformation, through technology and sharp solutions for construction.

    We seek to create change on business strategies, companies, products or services, allowing them to evolve and to grow in the digital age. We provide our technological talent and knowledge to deliver stunning digital experiences which brings new results and opportunities. However, our focus is not only on the virtual environment but also construction field, where we strive to implement new processes and solutions by promoting a symbiotic connection between design, form, material and construction process.

    All of this is possible because of the rigorous and practical methodology we applied.

    Continuous research, improvement and transformation are very important to our team. We always push forward our expertise and knowledge in order to challenge ourselves and to be prepared to overcome all obstacles.

    Since we collaborated with several companies and institutions, we already developed different approaches and works that bring some new changes and positive impact in final results.

    You could check bellow some examples of our work, with incursion on areas like:

    • Construction Processes and systems;
    • Design Thinking;
    • Building Information Modeling (BIM);
    • Laser Scanning;
    • Point Cloud technology;
    • Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AG).

    We want to help our clients develop their capabilities and skills to be ready to innovate and lead their markets.

    So, What can we do for you today?

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