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    — Tottem

    Mutene e pau cetim

    1,90 x 0,90 x 0,60m

    Sometimes, I am faced with the need for a piece of furniture to be more that a piece of furniture, to be a brand, an identity or even a symbol. The world of Architecture and Design today is faced with this new reality! Distinct performances are required of buildings, ranging from the construction of symbols to the search for communication and definition of a language. But generally, in the construction of this show, the essence of Architecture and Design is lost, which is the relation, the intimate relation between space and person, between the object and man! Therefore, I like to touch objects, I like to tease out the contrast, to provoke emotions, sensations and feelings … something physical and carnal, even if it hurts! The idea is not to watch a show, but to participate…to be involved, to be a part.

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