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    — New People New Housing

    For the past three decades, we have been studying, researching and developing architectures focused on Man and its Way of Living. We believe in architecture as a sensorial and emotional experience and we understand that space must have, as a common denominator, the happiness and well-being, both physical and psychological, of each of its users.

    12 years ago, our CEO Nuno Lacerda Lopes had just finished defending his doctoral thesis where he developed an extensive study about the project and the new ways of inhabiting. Several years later, and based on our extensive experience in this field, we consider that the exceptionality of the current circumstances, where all assumptions, spaces and functionalities are called into question – pushed to the limit – require and justify an approach capable of launching guidelines for a new way of inhabiting.

    New People New Housing (NPNH) is a project which aims to propose new and innovative solutions, seeking to establish relationships between different ways of living, eating, sleeping, resting and being in a house – new ways of living – taking into account the changes that are happening right now within our societies: new circumstances, new tools, new solutions, new requirements, new concerns, new needs, new tasks, new activities, new loves, new relationships … new lives!

    We seek to develop a detailed and careful investigation, culminating in the presentation of innovative ideas, spaces and architectures: distinct concepts of living, for the New Housing of the New People. We established, as methodology, the constitution of a periodic table for architecture, where we classify several components that may qualify the new ways of living developed in this research. These elements are the “ingredients” that compose our studies and solutions: the pills, which we symbolically represent, are the materialization of new concepts for a more adequate and effective living for today.
    And because we believe that true research – one that advances and adds something to the body of common knowledge – should be free, open and discussed, we will share our results, ideas and products with you. In the near future we will launch a series of concepts, versatile and diverse, so that they can be used by each one of us, so different, so special, so unique.

    Stay tuned. Stay safe. We will continue here, in search of new pills, in search of new solutions, in search of happiness for all!


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