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    — Delfim Sardo

    Professor & Curator

    Móveis e Imóveis, assim devia rezar a placa na porta. Também se executam trabalhos de palco. Por estas áreas tem repartido a sua actividade: móveis, casas e cenários. Todas as peças são sólidas, bem construídas e valem o lugar que ocupam. O seu trabalho é rigoroso e conciso,  … com um certo luxo nortenho.

    Our philosophy

    — Design & Discipline

    From sketch to building site, our perserverance in understanding the needs, requirements and contextualization of the client has been a constant, always understanding the client as an active and participating element, whether in the elaboration, or accompaniment of the entire project, whatever it is.

    In order to realize the objectives requested of us in each new project, we conceive and make readily available all the appropriate technologies and human resources needed for their development and completion. The Value-Price ratio is optimized according to our permanent search for an effective cost control in the construction, maintenance and management of buildings.

    The intervention of the multidisciplinary team that composes CNLL® may assume diverse forms and solutions. Both the accumulated experience in this field, through hundreds of projects of all shapes and sizes, type, scales and complexities, and the full attention which we have dedicated to quality and flexibility in devising solutions, explain the wide range of our offered services:

    — Large institutional and corporate construction;

    — Urban and tourism equipment;

    — Residential complex and single-family homes;

    — Commercial and industrial spaces and services;

    — Urban planning and urban projects;

    — Set-design for the most important national theaters and television;

    — Equipment and furniture design, trademarked by us.

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