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    — Sophia Bridge

    Calm, discreet, silent, the place didn’t notice her. Arrábida, so close by, is the protagonist of a purpose that it wants to maintain. To frame? It is not necessary. Art doesn’t need a frame, nor a shadow, nor an excess of light… it just needs to exist.

    It is about the place that this bridge speaks to us, of its vegetal and mineral escarpments, on one side the houses over the river where there is no space to rest a pillar, just keep the scales and relationships, the paths, the romantic of a route that it connects us and makes the city; on the other side, the plant that preserves the memory of the landscape that it is important to keep.

    The bridge wants to be a result and not an experience, in Porto there is no hesitation… it is the past and the future, time and its awareness that lead to a solution: the purpose only fulfills the desire for intelligence that the work justifies, without any presumption or vassalage… but aware of the place and time that defines and marks us!

    Everything already exists in this place. Even bridges that connect and separate us, colleges and shopping centers, intense traffic and paths of passion, atavism and futurism, contradictions… shadows of trees and breaks, sunsets and morning fogs, river waters and sea tides, watercolors of the Cross and abstractions by Ângelo, texts by Agustina in plans by Oliveira and, from above, Cardoso, Eiffel and so many others assure that heritage is all of this, respect and with identity, a continuum… matter for creation, a matter for humanity.

    So the design was made.

    Rio Douro — Porto e Gaia


    Metro do Porto

    CNLL + Newton + Pedelta + Struconcept

    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    Rui Mealha, Hélder da Rocha, Maria João Próspero, Topiaris, HLB Lighting, Saitec, Elemento Finito, XisPoli, Rui Sousa Marques, Trafenor, Marta Fachada

    3D Simulations

    3D Model

    3D Model


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