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    — Paramos house

    This house is located in the parish of Paramos in Espinho, in a long and narrow lot, irregularly shaped.

    The solution found, presents the house as a volumetric game. The house is composed of two distinct blocks, separated by a continuous light opening in the roof that marks and defines them. This opening, transposed to the design of the exterior elevations, accentuating the idea of cutting, and defining an interior path of crossing and distribution, in a game between opaque surfaces and glazed surfaces, adjusting the programmatic content in a careful volumetric composition. Reference moments are the lift box, which is assumed as an element of vertical composition, and the marking of the main entrance, which goes backwards at the meeting of the two façades. 

    The programme is distributed over two floors and a basement, the ground floor being destined for social areas, seeing its extension to the outside through large windows. On the upper floor are the bedrooms and other private areas. Here the large windows and balconies are privileged, allowing contact with the outside and framing us with the perspective of the world that surrounds us. The basement is occupied by technical and support areas.

    The interior areas are generous and their clear functionality suggests and encourages new ways of living, where versatility is the watchword.

    The set finished in painted plaster and glass, acquires a scenic language almost of sculpture, of volumes and purified lines.

    Paramos, Espinho


    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    Architecture Colaborations
    CNLL | Natália Rocha, Augusto Rachão, Ângelo Monteiro

    CNLL | Ana Maria Viana, Maria João Venâncio

    Gross Building Area
    783,00 m2

    3D Simulations


    Nelson Garrido


    Under construction gallery

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