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    Landscape / Urban Planning

    — Rua 19, Espinho

    The entire 19th Street should be rethought with special attention in the restructuring of the points of contact with other main roads and other important spaces of the City. The objective is to unite the heart of the City to the A41 access in a structured and hierarchical way, guaranteeing a new continuity between the several characteristic areas of the city and providing a greater interaction of the public space with the most important equipments. With this in mind, the intervention strategy aims at three fundamental intentions.

    3.1 Redefinition of mobility systems:

    • Integration of the mobility system at macro scale in 19th Street
    • Redefinition of the main entrance sector in the City on 19th Street 
    • Redesign of the link with Avenida 32
    • Definition of one-way in the West side of 19th Street
    • Road restructuring on the western edge of 19th Street
    • Replacement of all parking spaces with public garden and support equipment
    • Creation of two new underground car parking areas

    3.2 Improving the network of public spaces:

    • Creation of a green structural axis, strongly wooded with associated garden
    • Valuing the main entrance sector in the City on 19th Street
    • Creation of new Square/Garden on Avenida 32
    • Marking the city centre at the western edge of 19th Street
    • Valorisation of the Town Hall block
    • Maintenance of existing trees and considerable increase in the tree heritage of the intervention area
    • No tree should be cut down in the implementation of this project

    3.3 Completion of existing road systems:

    • Creation of new circulation alternatives

    With the set of intentions and actions proposed, the intervention strategy aims to improve the quality of pedestrian and car flow through the deceleration of the latter, the subtle transition between them and the extension of the pedestrian area from Rua 19 to Nascente, articulating the different sectors of intervention through the unification of the space relative to Rua 19. It is also intended to integrate a new system of public space with a striking image that emphasises its character as an entrance way to the City and that constitutes a promoter factor of public usufruct.



    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    Architecture’s Colaboration
    Bruno Meleiro, Fábio Santos

    3D Simulations

    Aerial view from Rua 19 with Rua 24

    Site analysis and research



    Equipment location

    Proposal strategy

    Sector A

    Sector B

    Sector C

    Sector D

    Typical detail

    Aerial view from Rua 24

    View from Rua 19

    Aerial view from the East entry of Rua 19

    View from Rua 19 with Rua 20

    View from Rua 19 with Rua 32

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