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    Research & Innovation

    — Health and Ways of Living

    Facing the biggest healthcare challenges with innovative solutions.

    We help both private and public institutions to innovate and to transform healthcare conditions by developing better solutions for the existing problems.

    Considering today’s uncertainty and change, the health care sector needs new ways to fight old and new battles. Additionally we also develop intensive research on new ways of living, regarding to establish transformations related with residential spaces and their impact on health and users safety.

    Our approach is collaborative and multidisciplinary, focusing on different need of the health care stakeholders, since new architectural spaces for health services, to the impact of space on mental health and emotions. We offer holistic solutions that help clients to constantly evolve and to ensure the best services on healthcare for people around the globe.

    By applying an holistic approach, we ensure our vision contributes for health and safety conditions improvement.

    Having already developed research on issues related with health, facilities and the impact of spaces on perception and psychological state of mind, we develop integrated perspectives and strategies that contribute to decision making of stakeholders. Most governments and industry leaders are looking for ways to drive innovation while improving health. We add a global vision and a deep and different understanding to these issues, by exploring intersections between architecture, design, innovation and health.  

    Ultimately, our focus is to contribute to better conditions on people’s health, whether through direct effects of transformation (hospitals, health centers, etc) or even through designing best solutions to apply on our homes – which seems even more accurate these days. 

    Taking part of transformative projects with impact on people’s lives and that could make a difference is our aim now.

    So, how could we help you to shape the future?

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