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    Research & Innovation

    — VIVO Store Identity

    The project aims to transform, remodel and create a visual and spatial branding for the VIVO stores.

    The design was created with the possibility to be extended and adapted to all of the stores, adjustable to the space available and customizable while maintaning the brand’s identity.


    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes



    The project was intended to extend to every existing VIVO store and integrated different layout and concept strategies.



    Final phase of adolescence corresponding to the transition from irresponsibility to responsibility, from dependence to independence, awareness and taking positions before the world of ideological and cultural values. It works as a crucial moment between adolescence and adulthood.



    It is one of the dimensions or ecstasies of time. This does not focus on a simultaneous whole, it is not punctual but linear, it extends from the past to the present to the future.



    It is an organized set of scientific, technical or empirical knowledge necessary for the production, distribution and use of goods and services.



    The first definition that is necessary is that of these apparently antagonistic terms which are: Analog Electric Signal, which is a sign that implies a continuous variation in the time of the quantity involved, and Digital Signal, which is a sign that implies a discrete variation in the time of quantity involved, usually only at two levels of quantity. It is a signal representation system based on binary logic. Information is represented by two unique symbols, which are conceptually 0 and 1.


    — BRASIL

    It is colorful, bright, beautiful, well presented, that you can take home, an unforgettable memory of Brazil. But always be sure: all this wealth that you have in mind is just a small, quick sample of what really exists. And, however good it may be, it will forever be a small, quick sample of Brazil’s exuberance and gigantism. Because the real Brazil, with thousands of different scenarios, colors, sounds, smells and, mainly, people, is much, much better. There’s no comparison.



    From the Latin sensus, meaning.

    It is the doctrine that, in the final analysis, reduces the entire spiritual life of man to “sensation”, which is why it is also called “sensationism”, also known as sensualism ”but this designation is more correctly suited to the moral system that it presents, as a criterion last distinction between good and evil.

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