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    — FACE

    The whole of the building is hybridly broken, decontextualized between stagnant references and drawings from other times that have lost their justification and only remain as if forgotten. 

    The intervention sought to correct certain urban anomalies, to unite rather than to separate, to realise the city giving it continuity. In this sense, we sought to create a widely public space: the square with various equipments, and with free space for the meeting of people and the two meshes (or parts of the city) that are to be rehabilitated. 

    The FACE (Art and Culture Forum of Espinho) is a building that seeks to integrate a complexity of demands given the diversity of functions that the programme establishes. Part of a pre-existing building, once one of the most important Portuguese canning factories that we try to maintain and recover with an intervention close to the restoration and it is destined to a municipal museum that is the link for the different requested training spaces. 

    The project respects the traditional typology, form and construction process. A building for several schools: one for higher education, a multimedia school, a school for animation cinema and, finally, an exhibition gallery and auditorium space that is intended to be shared and open to the community.



    Câmara Municipal de Espinho

    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    Architecture Colaborations
    CNLL | Natália Rocha, Nuno Pinheiro, António Teixeira, José Pedro Sousa, Augusto Rachão

    CNLL | Ana Maria Viana, Maria João Venâncio, Paula Araújo

    Gross Building Area
    8.670,00 m2

    3D Simulations


    Luís Ferreira Alves

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