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    — CIARV Centro de Interpretação Ambiental do Rio Vez

    The Centro de Interpretação Ambiental do Rio Vez (Environmental Interpretive Centre of the Vez River) bears witness to a strategic vision for the sustainable development of the Arcos de Valdevez Municipality to add value to the town’s natural resources and heritage. This is an iconic building, a clear investment by the municipality in ecological and innovative environmental tourism, with scientific backing. In this sense it tries to create an identity and become a driving force for various companies, visits and research, thus connecting the municipality to different international research centres.

    More than a building, this project seeks to be a public meeting space, of reference to the population and its visitors, and as such to reflect a respect for nature. Therefore, the project is articulated with the river and maintains a relationship of proximity and reciprocity with it. It combines the idea of innovation and the idea of interaction with the landscape; technology in dialogue with nature in a process of mutual respect for history, traditions and the present that the architecture attempts to embody.

    The project is set in a place where the river gets close to the urban agglomeration. The river is included in the design of an outdoor plaza at the end of the town’s main avenue, which becomes a unique and welcoming place to meet and contemplate the surroundings, the river, its people and inimitable landscape. This is the true heritage that this project wants to protect and share. 

    Arcos de Valdevez


    Câmara Municipal de Arcos de Valdevez

    Architecture’s Coordination
    Nuno Lacerda Lopes

    Architecture Colaborations
    CNLL | Natália Rocha, Augusto Rachão, Ana Maria Viana, Maria João Venâncio, Vânia Moreira, Vasco Cortês


    Gross Building Area
    4.805,00 m2

    3D Simulations


    01. Technical Area  02. Stairs  03. Lift’s hall  04. Engine’s room  05. Technical Gallery  06. Cistern  07. Waterfall area  08. Experimentation Space | Workshop  09. Sanitary Installation  10. Exhibition Area  11. Immersive cinema theather 12. Hall  13. Technical Area  14. Technical I backstage room  15. Entrance  16. Security post  17. Cloakroom  18. Gift shop  19. Balcony over the waterfall  20. Cafeteria  21. Kitchen | cafeteria support area  22. Ramp  23. Distribution area  24. 4d cinema theather  25. Control Booth  26. Administrative Office  27. Workshop

    01. Metal sheet  02. Zinc ruff  03. Metal support profile 04. Thermal insulation  05. Marble slabs  06. Geotextile  07. Thermal insulation  08. Waterproof membrane  09. Lightweight concrete 10. Concrete slab  11. Anodized aluminum sheets, natural color  12. Air gap of the support structure 

    13. Thermal insulation in extruded polystyrene 14. Sealant painting 15. Concrete wall 16. Plasterboard ceiling 17. Plasterboard ceiling’s support structure 18. Plasterboard ceiling 19. Plaster 20. Concrete Masonry block  21. Autoleveling floor 22. Mortar  23. Skirting in stainless steel plate embedded in the wall  24. White concrete slab  25. White concrete  26. Mortar  27. Waterproof membrane  28. “Wendi” plates with insulation  29. Anodized aluminum sheet  30. Air gap of the support structure  31. Marble  32. Enkadrain  33. Drain  34. Mortar  35. Autoleveling  36. Leveling layer  37. Concrete reinforce rubble  38. Vapour barrier  39. Concrete  40. Gravel  41. Aggregate  42. Rockfill  43. Compacted soil

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