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    — Mtower Gala

    A gala dinner for 500 people, to promote and publicize a luxury real estate development to be held in Monsanto, Lisbon.


    Entrance and Red Carpet

    Tunnel with lights on the ground, following in people’s footsteps…


    Stage area, for intimate concert of an artist on the piano. The board should have a nice dimension, because we will suggest a grand piano. It should be a part of the scenography with an extremely elegant beauty, given the type of concert (more intimate) that we will propose.

    Involving the space inside

    Our idea is to bet essentially on multimedia, motion graphics, glitch, 360 projections, thus allowing to change, throughout the night, the environment experienced by guests within the space. We should, therefore, privilege a scenography that lives of panels of leds, licras and other cheap blank materials, to be then visually works, in terms of multimedia, according to the intended: organic and surprising forms, but simple to execute and produce.

    We send attached some images that served as “inspiration” for the creation of a totally digital scenographic concept. A digital concept that will contrast with the decoration of the tables (which will be very warm and glamorous, with candlesticks, candlesticks and the like).

    Once again, and when it comes to the exterior/interior, our goal is to take the “tent” load off the structure. That is, that the guests do not feel that they are inside a tent, but an “installation of ephemeral architecture”.

    In terms of timing, and given that we will have to estimate production costs, ideally we will receive your proposal by Friday, March 29th, at the end of the morning. By Monday we would try to get an estimated value for production and Tuesday the presentation will be made in Lisbon.





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