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    — CIARV brand identity


    Câmara Municipal de Arcos de Valdevez

    Cultural / Museum / Research

    CIARV is the representation of a very dynamic and continuous reinvention of the Municipality of Arcos de Valdevez.

    CIARV assumes a leading role in all its competences and will be the home of a Nature and Water project. It will be the seat of creation and dynamism of a new way of being in Nature.

    The briefing of this communication project is naturally linked to Nature and Water. 

    CIARV being a reference building, it intends to associate the identity to the shape of the building by its bold, innovative and scientific iconographic architecture. 

    The representation of Water as a common element of the whole CIARV project, and Nature as a large area of experimentation, are strategic imperatives. The bubble of air is the connection of the aquatic world to all the others presenting itself as a solution of excellence. The air bubble is Oxygen and Life.

    One of CIARV’s major assets is its openness to society through multiple areas of interest. Thus, it is intended that all Bubbles are dynamically organized, transmitting fluidity, freshness, but above all, two directions of flow – give and receive.

    The graphic identity of each CIARV initiative implies the chromatic and formal reworking of the Bubbles creating new cohesive groups with new meanings. The demonstration that these groups are a mass and represent unity in itself is synonymous with CIARV’s spirit of compromise and sharing, genetics.

    “A shared culture”

    CIARV, as an institution that promotes culture and knowledge, is not closed in on itself. Multidisciplinary, it has projects and initiatives in the most diverse scientific and educational areas, hosting exhibitions, events, making partnerships with external entities and receiving visitors of all ages and with diverse interests. Therefore, its identity reveals multiplicity and its communication must be an open system that allows the diversity of expressions.

    CIARV’s communication project must be an invitation to participate, to share, to get excited, to have fun… to constantly evolve according to the different items of thematic content:

    – Aquatic Life

    – Landscape

    – Biodiversity

    – Sustainability

    – Immersive cinema

    – Territory

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