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    BIM IS MORE is a periodic publication that disseminates new ways of designing and building Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) through the use and integration of new digital information and communication technologies. It is especially oriented towards the methodological aspects of the theme of Innovation applied to this sector that integrates the aspects of the art of creating, building and inhabiting spaces in contemporaneity.

    The idea of creating a publication on this innovative but essential subject for the future of the sector, making known the results and the application of new ways of designing, building and living, is also the objective of the Research Group of the Centre for Innovation in Architecture and Ways of Living (CIAMH) of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto (FAUP), collaborator of this issue, which has been, since its formation, studying and disseminating information and knowledge on new practices of design, design and construction applied to architecture.

    The aim of the journal is to remain open to different and unusual areas of knowledge, not fixing itself in any particular one, despite having in its base the architectural culture as a matrix for its deepening. To that extent, the publication will address some of the most relevant research work and pursue the development of new ways of approaching Architecture, Engineering and Construction, exploring new processes, new work methodologies and therefore new results, both in the field of ideas and achievements.

    Each publication will integrate a different theme, presenting a theoretical body with texts by invited authors, projects and works built, interviews and, sometimes, an in-depth case study on the application of the theme in a given company or institution.